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Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® Review

Credit Acceptance:

Card Network:




$45 on 1st purchase and going paperless

Signup Bonus


Income Requirement:



Our Rating

Card Type


Annual Fee




Interest Rate


Earning Rewards

1.25% cashback on Walmart store and purchases in Walmart Reward dollars

1% cashback on all credit card purchases in Walmart Reward dollars.


Redeeming Rewards

What can you do with your rewards?


What's a good redemption?

The cashback earned will be basically Walmart Reward dollars that could be used Walmart stores in Canada and online at

So these rewards cannot be used for any other cases and does not have the flexibilty to be used anywhere else.


Insurance & Benefits

Purchase Protection

90 days

• Purchase Security and Extended Protection Insurance up to 90 days
• Option to buy extended Warranty, travel insurance, etc., with this card.


Pros & Cons


  • Relatively good reward on Walmart purchases

  • No Annual fee


  • This card's only insurance and benefit is purchase protection, while many other credit cards come with much more perks and benefits.

  • No extended warranty, a standard benefit of almost all the credit cards in Canada

  • Rewards are average, so there are many other cards that will give you more rewards compared to this card (Even on Walmart purchases).

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Credit Card Review

Walmart Rewards MasterCard is one of the better-known credit cards in Canada, especially for people who buy at Walmart. Pretty much every time you check out at Walmart, you are advertised to get this card!

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of this card and would rate it as a very average card. Let's get into the details of this card.

The Rewards

How You Earn Rewards

The rewards on this card are very straightforward:

  • 1.25% on Walmart (in-store) and (online) purchases.

  • 1% on everything else.

You will earn these rewards in Walmart dollars, so you can't redeem them for any purchases, and you can only redeem them for a future Walmart purchase. Psychologically, I have seen many people get very happy when they see a good discount applied to their groceries from time to time, so if you are in this group, you can go for this card.

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of the rewards of this card. While there are many cards out there that have worse rewards than the Walmart card, there are also many free cards that can beat the reward rate of Walmart Rewards.

If you are looking to maximize your rewards, then check Finlywealth's reward calculator page to find the best credit card for you!

Reward comparison to other popular free cashback credit cards

So, let's compare this credit card to a few popular credit cards. There are a few that Walmart Rewards would beat in terms of rewards and a few that the Walmart Rewards card would get beaten.

Walmart Rewards vs BRIM:

BRIM gives 1% on all purchases therefore it would match the 1% reward rate on all Non-Walmart purchases of the Walmart Reward card. But Walmart reward gives 1.25% on Walmart purchases and therefore would have slightly higher rewards than BRIM. So Walmart Rewards Wins!

Walmart Rewards vs SimplyCash® Card from American Express:

SimplyCash gives 2% cash on gas and groceries and 1.25% on other purchases. So, in all the places that SimplyCash is accepted (which includes Walmart), SimplyCash would have higher rewards compared to Walmart, so Walmart Rewards loses. 

Walmart Rewards vs Rogers Mastercard:

When you have a qualifying Rogers, Shaw, or Fido service, the Rogers Mastercard earns 2% on all purchases. This card will earn double the reward of the Walmart Mastercard and Walmart Rewards loses by a landslide!

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus for this card is very straight forward. Upon approval you earn $45 in reward which could be used for your Walmart purchases.

1 benefits of Walmart Rewards

1. Easy approval and No Annual Fee

The Walmart Reward does not have any requirements on Income and also approves most people with a credit score closer to the lower side of the credit score range, so getting this card is easy. In addition, not having to pay an annual fee is always nice.

2 downsides of Walmart Rewards

1. Average rewards

As mentioned, most of the time, the Walmart Rewards card isn't the best credit card to use, even for Walmart purchases! Therefore, looking for some other cards if you are planning to maximize your rewards would be a great idea.

2. Very Weak insurance and benefits

This card only comes with purchase protection and not even an extended warranty, which is a benefit that almost all free and paid credit cards in Canada have.

There are options to buy travel insurance and other benefits for a monthly fee, but that is not ideal. You can opt-in for another card that already has those benefits and get access to those benefits for free!

Final Verdict

The Walmart reward card is a very average card in terms of rewards and a poor card for benefits, so it's recommended to look around for other cards because you will most likely be able to find one that's better for you!

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