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Find Your Best Credit Cards, Get Rewarded for it

Tired of getting biased credit card recommendations and ads while searching the internet?

How about signing up for credit cards that benefit you the most instead of the cards suggested by your bank?

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Our Story

We started our credit card search journey the same way you did. We searched around the web, ran into many ads, websites and blogs showcasing the "best" credit cards. We also tried a few credit card reward calculator tools, only to realize there were many incorrect calculations and assumptions made in the process. Not just small errors either.

So what did we do?


We decided to build a comprehensive solution that benefits you, the user of the credit card, more than the website referring you or the bank selling you the cards.

Learn more about what makes our solution more accurate than any other credit card tools out there.








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Ed Rezvani

5 star rating

FinlyWealth's credit card rewards calculator was a game-changer for my business. It helped me choose the best credit cards for my expenses, maximizing rewards and benefits. Their tool is intuitive, easy to use, and offered insights I couldn't find elsewhere.

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Peyman Bateni

5 star rating

FinlyWealth's credit card calculator was enlightening. It provided targeted card recommendations and insights into rewards and benefits. The interface is user-friendly, making credit card selection effective and straightforward.

amir latif headshop photo

Amir Ltf

Civil Engineer

5 star rating

It's so strange this does not already exist! It makes choosing a credit card objectively easy and optimal, which is already such a difficult decision. 10/10 recommend.

How We Can Help You

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Best Credit Cards For You

We offer an accurate credit card rewards calculator to help you find the best card and ensure you don't miss a single dollar of potential rewards.

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Read about our latest credit card publications to stay up to date with the latest tips, tricks or reward changes. 

Privacy And Protection

We take privacy of our users seriously.


Any information shared by you will remain confidential and not sold to third parties. Any identifiable info is masked, and all our tools follow strict security protocols to ensure a safe passage of information.

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Your Rewards Are Waiting. Let's Get To Work

Actionable, simple and high potential credit card resources for anyone.

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