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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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American Express Cobalt Vs American Express Green

American Express Green vs Cobalt

Deciding whether to go for the American Express Cobalt and Green is an important choice because choosing the right card over the other might cost you hundreds of dollars in rewards and benefits!

Let's start by discussing their main differences and similarities and giving you a step-by-step guide to choosing the right one for you.

The main similarities of Amex Cobalt vs Green

  1. Both these cards are points-based, meaning they will earn you American Express reward points on your purchases. The points values and redemption methods are identical for both cards, so they have the same reward flexibility.

  2. Both these cards offer the purchase protection and extended warranty benefits.

The main differences between Amex Cobalt and Green

The main difference between these two cards is that the American Express Green card has no annual fees, whereas the American Express Cobalt has an annual fee of $155.8.

Now, in exchange for this annual fee, American Express Cobalt provides a much better reward structure and many benefits. For the majority of people, the Cobalt earns so many more points than the Green card that it makes sense to get the Cobalt card. Let's get into the details of why this happens:

The reward structure of Amex Green

  • 1 point on all purchases

The reward structure of Amex Cobalt

  • 5 points for every dollar in Restaurants, Fast Foods, Coffee Shops, Food delivery and Groceries up to 12500 points monthly

  • 3 points for every dollar on eligible streaming subscriptions in Canada

  • 2 points for every dollar used in standalone gasoline stations, Amex Travel Online, travel services or local commuter transportation in Canada, including ride-share services

  • 1 point for everything else

The cobalt card gives 5x the points on Foods and Groceries, which, frankly, is the category most people spend the most on. Each American Express point could be redeemed for $0.02, meaning you would gain an extra 4 points ($0.08) for each dollar spent using cobalt instead of Green for Groceries.

Because of Cobalt's excellent reward structure, this card is our #1 recommended credit card in our credit card finder tool, and with average spending amounts, this card would be the best credit in Canada. We recommend using this card as your primary card for most people. The only case we recommend using Green instead of Cobalt is if you have very little spending (less than $3K/year) on your credit cards because the spending would be too low to generate enough rewards to cover the Annual fee.

Doing simple math, if you spend around $2K per year on Groceries and Food, then the cobalt card would be just better than green just from that. But even if you don't spend that much on Food and Groceries, the other categories need to be considered as well.

To see exactly your net reward for these cards, you can use our cobalt reward calculator and green reward calculator tools to compare the rewards in detail and the breakdown of redemption categories and see for yourself which card is better for you.

Extra benefits Amex Cobalt provides compared to Amex Green

Putting aside the much better Coblat reward structure, you will have access to many more benefits when you get the Cobalt card.

• Out of Province Medical insurance up to $5 million

• Flight delay and Baggage delay insurance up to $500

• Hotel Burglary insurance up to $500

• Lost or stolen baggage insurance up to $500

• Travel Accident Insurance up to $250K

• Car Rental Theft and damage insurance up to $85000

• Mobile Device Insurance up to $1000

Other than mobile device insurance, the rest are mostly related to travel. So, if you don't travel by plane a lot, then these benefits might not be that interesting for you. Our main recommendation in that scenario is to decide based on the rewards.


While the Green card is a great card for very low spenders, the American Express cobalt beats American Express Green both in rewards and benefits for users with average spending levels. If you want to see the numbers yourself, you can use our rewards calculator tool to compare the rewards.

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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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