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Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® Review

Credit Acceptance:

Card Network:


Very Good



Signup Bonus


Income Requirement:

$80000 Personal

$150000 Household


Our Rating

Card Type


Annual Fee



Rogers Bank

Interest Rate


Earning Rewards

3% cashback on all U.S dollar purchases

2% cashback on all on Non-U.S dollar purchases if you have 1 qualifying Rogers, Fido or Shaw service as the account owner

1.5% cashback on everything else if you don't have the qualifying service


Redeeming Rewards

What can you do with your rewards?


Rogers, Fido, or Shaw payments

What's a good redemption?

In addition to redeeming for cash at an already great rate of 2%, if you have a qualifying service with Rogers, Fido, or Shaw, the cashback you earn can also be redeemed towards Rogers products, such as your Rogers bill, phone, or accessory purchases, with a 1.5x redemption bonus. 

This redemption bonus raises your cashback rate to 3% for non-USD purchases, making it the highest overall cashback rate among all cashback credit cards in Canada!


Insurance & Benefits

5 free Roam Like Home days with eligible service

Purchase Protection

90 Days

Lounge DragonPass

No Complimentary visits

Car Rental insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Balance Protection

Trip Cancellation

$1000/person, $5000/trip

Trip Interruption

$1000/person, $5000/trip

Extended Warranty

1 Year

• Rogers mobile customers get to roam at no cost for 5 days every year with Roam Like Home in up to 185 destinations. Valued at ($75)
• Balance protection insurance will assist you in paying your minimum payments in the events of illness, disability, job loss, etc.


Pros & Cons


  • Voted the Best Cash Back Card in Canada for Rogers, Fido and Shaw customers by FinlyWealth

  • Voted the Best No Annual Fee Credit Card in Canada by FinlyWealth.

  • There is no annual fee, which is a notable benefit for a card with such high rewards. Most cards with slightly lower reward rates typically include yearly fees.

  • Many favourable benefits for travellers.

  • Many benefits, such as trip cancellation insurance, are only available on credit cards with an annual fee. It is rare to see these benefits on a no-annual-fee card!

  • Offers the flexibility to redeem cash towards Rogers, Shaw, or Fido services, potentially increasing your rewards.

  • The roam-like benefit is a benefit unique only to this card.

  • It is accepted at nearly all locations as it's a Mastercard.


  • For a no-annual-fee card, this card is as good as it gets. The most notable con is that not everyone can qualify because of the credit score and high-income requirements.

  • Out of all possible travel insurances, this card is missing Baggage delay and Hotel Burglary insurance. If these two insurances are essential to someone, this card needs to be paired with another card to cover them.

Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® Review

Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard is one of the two credit cards offered by Rogers. The other card is Rogers Mastercard®, which is also great but has slightly fewer rewards and benefits. On the other hand, it's much harder to qualify for Rogers Red World Elite, given its high-income requirement.

This card earns one of the highest rewards among all credit cards if you are a Rogers, Fido or Shaw customer across all free and paid credit cards in Canada. And even if you are not a customer, this card is still a great option because it still earns one of the highest rewards among no-annual fee cards. 

It also comes with a lot of benefits that you mostly find with credit cards that have an annual fee! Many go for this card just because of how great the benefits are.

The Rewards

How You Earn Rewards

The rewards you earn on this card depend on one condition. Whether you have an eligible Rogers, Fido, or Shaw service. The services that qualify are:

  • Postpaid Rogers-branded consumer mobile plans (which include wireless home phone and tablet data plans). For these plans, users who have permission to make changes (i.e. a Level 1 Authorized User) are also eligible.

  • Postpaid Fido-branded consumer mobile plans – primary account holders only (which includes wireless home phone and tablet data plans)

  • Any Rogers, Shaw or Fido-branded internet, TV, home phone, home monitoring or satellite service – primary account holders only

If you have one of these services, then great because your rewards earned on this card will be:

  • 3% cashback on all U.S dollar purchases

  • 2% cashback on all on Non-U.S dollar purchases

But if you don't have one of these services, your rewards earned on this card will be:

  • 3% cashback on all U.S dollar purchases

  • 1.5% cashback on all on Non-U.S dollar purchases

The base cashback rate is high in both scenarios, making it a great card for everyone. Using Finlywealth's reward calculatorwe can see that Rogers World Elite always makes it to the top spots whether you have a Rogers service or not.

In addition, the cashback could be redeemed with a 1.5x redemption bonus if used towards a qualifying Rogers, Fido or Shaw purchase, effectively increasing the cashback rate on non-US purchases to 3% if there is an eligible Rogers, Fido or Shaw service or 2.25% if there is none. One important thing is that even though you don't have a service, you can still use that cashback to purchase hardware such as headphones or cell phones to get that bonus.

Reward comparison to other popular cashback credit cards

So why are the reward rates on this card great? Compared to the other great cashback cards in Canada, this card will beat them in terms of rewards most of the time. We recommend using our credit card finder tool to compare the cards using your spending to get a more personalized result.

Let's do a quick comparison with some of the best cashback cards in the market when you have a qualifying service:

Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard vs SimplyCash® Card from American Express: 

SimplyCash gives 2% cash on gas and groceries and 1.25% on other purchases. In addition to a lower overall cashback, American Express is not accepted everywhere, so the Rogers card wins!

Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard vs SimplyCash™ Preferred Card from American Express

SimplyCash gives 4% on gas and groceries and 2% on everything else (With a $1200 cap on the cashback rate on grocery purchases annually). Even though SimplyCash earns more on cash and groceries, it comes with a $120 annual fee, which, for most people, the additional 2% earned does not cover the cost.

In addition, American Express is not accepted everywhere, which is an important factor when calculating the rewards you earn. So, in most cases, Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard wins!

Welcome Bonus

Currently, there is no welcome bonus for the Rogers Red World Elite card.

3 benefits of Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard

1 - No Annual Fee for such a great card

We've mentioned this previously, but this card is exclusive in that it allows you to earn one of the highest rewards, enjoy many great travel benefits, and access many other benefits. Not having to pay anything is always great, and that's why we praise this card, rightfully so!

2 - Unique benefit

5 Roam Like Home days is a benefit exclusive only to Rogers Credit cards

The 5-day homestyle roaming perk is an exclusive feature of this card. Anyone who's traveled internationally understands the steep costs associated with international calls. Utilizing this benefit, valued at approximately $75, offers some savings on these charges.

3 - Trip Cancellation insurance

If I were given the choice to only choose one benefit when travelling, without a doubt, I would select trip cancellation insurance. When your trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, this insurance can potentially save you a few thousand dollars.

Now given this is a big insurance to include in benefits, most free cards and even many of the paid cards don't have this insurance on their offering but by getting the Rogers Red World Elite card you get access to this benefit for free.

Downside of Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard

Not everyone qualifies for this card

The only thing that not everyone might like is the fact that not everyone can apply for this card. The card requires a credit score in the "very good" range and a personal income of $80K/year or $150K/year.

Final Verdict

In terms of overall score, the Rogers Red World Elite is currently the highest-rated credit card on FinlyWealth; therefore, we recommend that most who qualify for this card apply for it.

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