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Credit Card Calculator

The most accurate credit card finder tool in Canada

Answer a few questions, input your monthly spending and discover the best credit cards for your needs.

Alternatively, skip the manual input process by making a secure bank connection in the Finly Mobile App.

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You'll get paid cash to apply - and to be approved - for your new credit card

You may earn up to $150 in cash depending on the card by simply applying and getting approved for your desired credit cards through the links provided.

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Your Credit Info

What is your personal or household income?

What is your credit score?

Your Credit Card Preferences

Are you open to a card with an annual fee?

(Finly factors in annual fees when calculating reward values)

Are you comfortable with points based cards or want to keep things simple?

Which of these products or services do you currently have?

(Select all that apply)

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Proucts List:

Are you looking for a good signup bonus or long term rewards?

(The Finly algorithm will adjust to the selected timeframe)

How would you like to redeem your reward points?

(Finly will show them all if you do not select any)

Proucts List:

Which card benefits are a must have?

Which institutions do you want the credit cards from?

(Finly will consider them all if you do not select any)

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Your Spending by Category

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