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Introducing Finly

Innovating personal finance.

Understand credit cards like never before

The Problem

Have you ever found yourself scouring the internet for different credit cards, only to be overwhelmed by the different card options, reward systems, and fancy bonus offers?

Do you ever find yourself wondering "What's the best credit card for me?"

Despite the numerous online tools and websites out there that help you find new credit cards, there is a glaring gap in their services: a lack of personalized recommendations.


This is particularly evident in the credit cards space. Many people simply use whatever credit card their family or peers use. Others are stuck with the same card after graduation because they don't know where to look.

Factors Contributing to the Lack of Personalization
  1. Limited data access: Many online financial tools don't have the necessary data to provide personalized credit card recommendations. Accessing detailed information on users' spending patterns, preferences, and credit history requires integration with bank accounts and credit bureaus – a rather complex problem.

  2. Cookie-cutter algorithms: Most financial tools utilize generic algorithms that fail to account for the intricacies of individual financial situations. As a result, they often provide broad credit card suggestions that may not be the best fit for specific user needs.

  3. Affiliate marketing bias: Some financial tools may be influenced by affiliate marketing deals with credit card companies, leading to biased recommendations. In these cases, the priority is placed on promoting specific cards rather than finding the best match for the user.

Why Personalized Recommendations Matter

Each person's spending habits, financial goals, and credit history are unique. As a result, the ideal credit card for one individual may not be the best choice for another. Personalized credit card choices are crucial for helping consumers find the right card for their specific needs, enabling them to maximize rewards, minimize interest payments, and improve their overall financial health.

Finly's Solution

It's built to be simple. Finly securely connects to your accounts via MX, analyzes your spending behavior and provides you with a tailored list of credit cards, each with an estimate of how much rewards you could earn, before even applying for them!

How Does Finly Benefit You?

After getting many users to give Finly a try, an interesting trend started to emerge. A lot of people were missing out on hundreds of dollars in rewards value per year. Some were missing out on over $1000!

By finding and using the right credit card, you can perhaps cover the entire cost of a flight for one of your big trips. Maybe you'd like to buy an expensive gift at the end of the year. Or maybe you simply want to save a little more.

If you've ever asked yourself "What's the best credit card for me?", Finly will take you right to it.

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