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What Makes Finly So Accurate?

How far does Finly go to get the right results?

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Finly looks at every card individually

What does that mean?

Rules that are unique to each card are considered as part of the rewards calculation, meaning no assumptions are made!

We review  the terms and conditions of every card individually and factor in different spending limits or usage criteria outlined by the cards.

simplii financial cred card

The Simplii Financial credit card gives 4% cash back on restaurant, bar and coffee shop purchases BUT...

That's only valid up to $200 of cash back per year. Once you reach that limit, your cash back rate drops to only 0.5% for those same purchases.


Merchants in different networks are taken into account!

What does that mean?

  • Some merchants only accept Visa or Mastercard and reject American Express.

  • Some merchants categorize rewards differently based on whether you use a Visa or Mastercard when purchasing items.


Finly takes all of these factors into account!

  • Walmart is considered as "grocery" only on Mastercard. Although they accept Visa and American Express, you do not earn "grocery" reward points when using those cards but rather usually fall into the "other" category, so we factor that in.

  • Costco only accepts Mastercard, therefore we zero out rewards for Visa or American Express cards in our calculations.

  • Loblaws does not accept American Express cards so we zero out the rewards for purchases at Loblaws when calculating rewards for American Express cards.


Finly even factors in special features 

What does that mean?

Some credit cards offer you extra rewards for using a certain service or owning another product with the same brand.

credit card rewards celebration
tangerine credit card
amazon mastercard
  • Tangerine money-back credit card gives you 2% cash back on 2 categories of your choice, but if you have a tangerine savings account you can choose 3 categories instead.

  • Also, did you know Finly automatically finds your highest spending categories and uses those when doing calculations?

  • The Amazon Rewards Mastercard gives you a 2.5% cash back rate if you are an Prime member, otherwise drops down to 1.5% only. That's a 1% difference!

And a lot more optimizations... Watch our presentation to learn more.

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