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Neo financial credit cards and their impact on credit scores

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Neo financial credit cards and their impact on credit scores

The world of credit scores can sometimes feel like a puzzle to navigate. While the type of credit card you have does play a role, it's mainly how you use it that influences your credit score.

Neo Financial, a player in the industry, offers two credit cards; the Neo Credit and the Neo Secured Credit. Each card is designed to meet different needs and has slightly different offerings. More details about the offerings of these two cards can be read at the review of the Neo Credit card and review of Neo Secured card posts.

One of their notable aspects is their impact on credit scores.

It's Not Just About Having the Card

There's a misconception that simply owning a credit card will automatically boost or harm your credit score. The truth is, it's your behavior with the card that really matters;

Payment History

Irrespective of which card you possess, making timely repayments is crucial. This behavior impacts how your credit score's calculated and can lead to positive monthly reporting, gradually improving your score over time.

Credit Utilization

Another important factor is how much of your Credit you're using, also known as credit utilization. Consistently maxing out your card can be harmful to your score, while maintaining a balance can actually benefit it.

Features that encourage credit usage are included in both Neo Financial cards:

1. Endless Cashback; By offering rewards, cardholders are incentivized to pay off their balances in full.

2. Neo Insights; This tool provides users with a view of their spending habits, enabling them to manage their credit utilization.

3. Customizable Perks & Security; Tailored benefits and robust security features instill confidence in users regarding the use of their cards.

Neo Secured Credit card

The Neo Secured Credit card serves as a lifeline for individuals with damaged credit histories or those who are new to Credit;

1. Building Credit with a Deposit; Users can demonstrate responsible credit behavior by utilizing a deposit as collateral. This card is particularly beneficial for those aiming to rebuild their credit scores.

2. Guaranteed Approval; Regardless of their stellar credit history, this feature ensures that individuals can embark on their journey of building credit.

Neo Credit

For those who already possess a credit score and have maintained credit behavior the Neo Credit card may be better suited to meet their needs.

The Neo Financial credit cards offer all the features you need without requiring a security deposit. This makes them perfect for individuals who're confident in their ability to manage their Credit effectively.


it's important to keep in mind that the impact on your credit score is not solely determined by the card itself. Rather how you use it. The Neo Secured Credit card is a tool for those who want to establish or rebuild their Credit. On the hand, the Neo Credit card is more suitable for individuals with an established credit history. Regardless of your choice, responsible usage of the card is crucial for the future.


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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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