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Business Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

business credit card

Business credit cards surely offer great ease to conduct business transactions. Having a credit card gives you freedom from keeping cash all the time. From managing business transactions efficiently to the separation of personal and work-related transactions, business credit cards offer exceptional benefits to users.

You will be glad to know that you can enjoy the benefits of having a business credit card without having to pay a monthly fee. The annual fee is the fixed expense that you will have to bear on an annual basis. With no annual fee, you won't feel guilty about not using credit cards frequently as sometimes you want to get a credit card without 100% certainty that you will need one. Also, you won't have to keep a check on annual perks and fees to evaluate if it was the right decision to get that business credit card. Rather, you can freely enjoy the business credit card as you are not obliged to pay an annual fee and can enjoy all the perks when you earn those.

Perks of having a business credit card with no annual fee

Multiple benefits lure business personnel to get a business credit card with no annual fee. This is especially true for small businesses. Here are the prominent perks that attract business users to search for no-annual-fee cards:

  • Cost-effective: Of course paying no fee implies that you can save the fee that you otherwise would have to pay. Small businesses that are already short on funds find this cost-effective option exciting. It frees them from the worry of having another obligatory fixed cost while enjoying the basic benefits along with the added perks of having a business credit card.

  • Best for low usage: If you are operating a startup and do have not much expense then a no-annual-fee card is a true bliss. They can enjoy the benefits of having a credit card in case of need and not worry about making purchases to justify the amount of annual fee.

  • Enjoy business credit card features: Just because you can't spend on an annual credit card fee doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to enjoy the features of business credit cards. With no annual fee business credit cards, you can still enjoy the basic functioning of a credit card although you might have to compromise on some factors.

  • Helps to build a business credit score: If you are a new business and want to make a good financial standing then having a no-fee credit card is the way to go. Without having the burden of annual fees you can use the credit card sensibly and make a good credit history. This way you can elevate your credit score and brag a good financial standing and that too without having to pay the annual fee.

Best Business Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

In Canada, many banks and credit card issuers offer no annual fee business credit cards to offer an easy option to carry a credit card. The popular opinion says that with no annual fee credit cards, you don’t get to enjoy many benefits but in Canada, many credit card issuers offer great benefits even with no annual fee business credit cards.

Here is a list of some credit cards that offer a no-annual-fee business credit card:

ScotiaLine for business VISA Credit Card

scotialine for business

The Scotia Bank offers ScotiaLine for Business VISA Credit Card that offers a combination of services that you will surely admire. It offers:

  • No additional cost for supplementary credit cards for employees. This helps you to get extra credit cards for other authorized partners or trusted employees.

  • You can get free personalized cheques.

  • Great credit limit as high as up to CAD$500,000 (for secured credit cards).

  • The low-interest rate with a prime rate plus 1% for secured credit cards and a prime rate plus 3.49% for unsecured ones.

  • The insurance of purchased items with a credit card is a great advantage. The insurance covers damage, loss, or theft for most of the items from the day of purchase to 90 days.

  • Discounts on some purchases through VISA SavingsEdge.

  • You can get a 21-day grace period to pay your outstanding debt.

  • You can get discounts on car rentals for business trips at all AVIS locations that participate with the bank on a worldwide basis.

  • All transactions by supplementary credit cards are shown on monthly statements which makes it easy to manage and oversee business expenses.

BMO Cashback Business Mastercard

bmo cashback business mastercard

Offered by BMO, this no-annual-fee business credit card comes with a lucrative welcome offer and added advantages that make it a great pick.

  • The welcome offer is quite captivating. It offers a cashback of 10% on getting gas. In addition, you can get 10% cash back on your cell phone, internet bill, and office supplies for 3 months. Best of all you can avail of the balance transfer option from a BMO credit card to any other with 0% interest rate and a minimal transfer fee of only 3%.

  • You can get 1.5% cash back if you use this credit card to shop at or gas station at Shell.

  • After 3 months, you can get 1.5% cash back on office supplies, gas, and internet bills.

  • You can also get 0.75% cash back on other purchases through the credit card.

  • You can apply for 22 employee cards at maximum to empower your trusted employees with office-related expenditures.

  • When you shop at Mastercard Easy Savings associated merchants you can get rebates ranging from 1% to 25%.

  • The credit card is accepted at more than 30 Million locations making it easier for you to carry it along wherever you go.

  • The liability waiver program is a real life-saver option in case of any employee card abuse.

  • You can enjoy the purchase protection of 90 days in addition to an extended warranty of a year for the items that you have purchased with a BMO card.

  • The high interest rate can give you a bit of shock but if you pay your monthly outstanding bill before the due date then you don’t have to worry about it. The interest rate for purchases is 19.99% whereas for cash advances it is 22.99%.

CIBC Bizline® Visa* Card

cibc bizline visa card

Offered by CIBC, this business credit card is also an attractive and beneficial option for businesses in Canada. The most prominent features of this no-annual-fee business credit card are:

  • The annual fee is zero for up to 9 employee cards that you can request from the bank.

  • The interest rate is low at the prime rate plus 1.5% for both cash advances and purchases.

  • Added protection against card abuse after theft or information leak. Also, you will be notified of any irregular fraudulent activity to confirm the transaction and prevent the fraud.

  • Enjoy common card accidental insurance of up to $100,000.

  • The CIBS CreditSmart helps you in effective budgeting and track spending efficiently.

  • With Visa SavingsEdge you can save on electronics purchases, travel, and much more.

  • Enjoy up to 25% discount on car rentals for business purposes at all AVIS locations.

  • Avail 10 cents discount per litre in getting gas from Chevron, Fas Gas, Pioneer, and, Ultramar gas stations.

TD business cashback Visa* Card

td business cashback visa card

This no-annual-fee credit card from TD can offer you some amazing discounts and offers that you can't resist.

  • Earn 2% cash back on purchasing gas and required office supplies.

  • Earn 2% cash back on recurring bill payments that you pay regularly and mark in your account.

  • You can get a cashback of 0.5% on other purchases from your credit card.

  • The Cashback dollars do not have an expiry date. As long as your account is running, you can redeem the cash-back dollars anytime you want.

  • The cashback dollars that you have earned are automatically credited to your business account annually.

  • You can earn 50% more stars at Starbucks Coffee House by participating.

  • Enjoy purchase security which offers coverage for new purchases along with extended warranty protection.

  • With a card management tool, you can review business expenses, online report any issue that you face, manage the current credit limit, and get access to other such card management options.

  • With Visa SavingsEdge, you can enjoy up to 25% off discount on business purchases.

  • Get an additional employee card for $0.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount for car rental at AVIS and Budget locations in Canada or the US.

  • The interest rate is a bit demotivating as it is quite high. You will have to pay a 19.99% interest rate on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances.


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