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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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Tangerine Money Back credit card vs World Mastercard

Tangerine Money Back credit card vs World Mastercard

Tangerine offers two credit cards: the Tangerine Money Back and the Tangerine World Mastercard.

You might think which is the better option and which one to go for. The good news is that in this blog, we will go through the differences and similarities of these two cards so that you can make your final decision easier.

Tangerine credit cards comparison

The Differences and similarities:

Both these cards have no Annual Fee and have the same reward system and the same interest rate.

Both these cards have an Extended Warranty of up to one year and 90 days of Purchase protection insurance.

And even their welcome bonus is exactly identical ($100)!

But the most significant difference between these two?

The Tangerine World Mastercard has a few extra benefits that the Tangerine Money-Back card does not have. The benefits that Money-Back has that the Moneyback does not are:

  • Boingo-Wifi hotspot, which allows you to connect to over 1 million Wi-Fi Hotspots worldwide

  • Airport lounge access to +1300 Airport lounges with the Mastercard dragon pass. (Only the pass itself; complimentary visits are not included).

  • Car rental and theft insurance.

So if both these cards have no annual fee and the World Mastercard is a better version of the Money-Back card, why shouldn't you always go for the World Mastercard?

That's correct! You always should IF you qualify! Because the Tangerine World Mastercard is a better card than the Tangerine Money Back card.

One other difference between these two cards is their requirements to apply for the card. The Money-Back card requires a poor or above credit score and an income of $12K/year, but the World Mastercard requires a good or above credit score and either a personal income of $60K/year or a household income of $100K/year.

So, it ultimately boils down to whether you have the requirements to apply to the World Mastercard or not. If you do, then that's the best option, and if not, you can go to the Money-Back card.

Exploring the reward system of both Tangerine World Mastercard and Tangerine Money-Back

The most important aspect of the card is usually the reward system of the card. As mentioned both these cards have the same reward system so you don't need to worry about that. But how does the reward system for these two cards work?

The Tangerine Money Back and World Mastercard both stand out with their unmatched feature: the ability to handpick categories for enhanced cashback. This unique offering ensures a customized cashback experience that's not available on any other card.

Here are your choices for categories:

  • Grocery

  • Furniture

  • Restaurants

  • Hotel-Motel

  • Gas

  • Recurring Bill Payments

  • Drug Store

  • Entertainment

  • Public Transportation

  • Parking

Both cards allow you to select two from the above list, rewarding you with 2% cashback in those areas. All other purchases net you 0.5% cashback.

Tangerine Reward Categories Highlights

The adaptability these cards offer regarding the cashback categories is one of their strongest suits. After activating your card, you have the autonomy to change your selected categories.

If you wish to modify them, a 90-day wait is required before your next adjustment. This flexibility can align with your varying spending habits. For example, if you foresee a spike in Furniture expenses, you can pivot your categories to capitalize on it and later revert or adjust based on your spending.

Pairing either of these cards with the Tangerine Savings account amplifies your rewards. By doing so, you get the luxury of selecting three categories to enjoy the 2% cashback, thereby maximizing your rewards.


If you have the Tangerine World Mastercard requirements ($60K personal or $100K household income and a good credit score), then you should always go for that card because it has more benefits, making it a better card than the Money back card.

But if you don't have those requirements, the Money back card is also a great card that you can start with to either build your credit score or, until you have a higher income, go for credit cards with higher requirements.

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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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