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Finly Rebates

Enhance your shopping experience with FinlyWealth, where we offer some of the most generous cash back rates in Canada. Achieve instant savings at the click of a button with the Finly Rebates Extension.

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From many of your favorite online stores!


And a lot more!

How it works

Getting your rebates can't be any simpler!

Download the Extension

Download the Finly Rebate Extension on your browser


Login into the extension so that we know who to send the rebates to!


Nothing in your shopping experience changes! Just click activate cashback when available and enjoy the rebates


High Rebates across all products

Why Finly's Extension?

One of the aims of FinlyWealth is to give the highest rebates across the market so that users get the most value out of their purchases. Compared to most competition, our offering is way higher. Just do a quick comparison, and you will know how much better FinlyWealth's extension is for you.


Getting paid is so much easier

Many of the competitions allow for limited ways to get your rebates into your account, with many being very inconvenient and asking for a lot of banking information. We like to keep things as simple as possible, and with just your email, payments could be sent to you through Interac e-Transfer.


Canadian Made and Canadian owned

Unlike many competitors, if you go all the way up the chain to the parent companies, we fully operate in Canada and don't have any shareholders or investors outside Canada. So, by choosing us, you choose to help your community by supporting a Canadian business!

Many more functionalities are underway
- Price Tracking
- Product price forecasting using AI
- Similar Product comparisons
- Sales Alert
- And much much more!

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