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You are making the first step to smarter credit card choices

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You'll get paid cash to apply - and to be approved - for your new credit card

You may earn up to $150 in cash depending on the card by simply applying and getting approved for your desired credit cards through the links provided.

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- We're also building a credit card super app -

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How Does it Work?

You can get recommendations from Finly in under 5 minutes!

1. Securely connect your institutions

Finly will learn your spending habits in the past year and find which credit cards earn you the most rewards.

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2. Discover the best credit cards

Browse through a curated list of credit cards made just for you and see how much you could earn in rewards.

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3. Earn more rewards

Visualize different reward redemption options, filter to your preferences and get more rewards.

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Security comes first

Powered by MX Technologies
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What steps are taken?
  • Finly can never see or store your login information.

  • Finly leverages MX with bank level security for your transactions and never stores your data.

Finly works with your banks

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